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Dear visitor, as you might know, the PC game Rome: Total War offers you to play with 11 factions (if you already unlocked them) in the imperial campaign. But in the game, 21 factions (including roman senate and rebells) are included, that's why I tried to make all of them playable in the imerial campaign. This was quite easy, so I raised the number of playable factions from 11 to 19 (roman senate and slaves are still nonplayavle factions, but later more on this)
The following nations are now added to the imperial campaign:
Armenia, Dacia, Macedonia, Numidia, Pontus, Scythia, Spain and Thrace.
I decided not to unlock the senate and the rebells for several reasons. The roman senate faction would rule over Rome from the beginning, and slaves would gain regions without fighting just because of AI player faults. Furthermore, unlocking the roman senate caused the game to crash. (If you still like to play both countries, read on to get an instruction how to unlock them).
I created a patch to make all factions playable, which includes the files I canged. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, or if you want to say thanks or give critics, don't hesitate to write me an email (address see below).


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Please read this note before installing:
I can give no guarantee that the files work properly, so try it on your own risk! In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the usage of these files.

Step 1:
Be sure that you have installed the latest version of Rome: Total War. On the release-date of RTW Uncut v.  1.0, this was Rome Version 1.5. To check this, go to your Rome Options menu and have a look on the right upper corner of your screen.
Please mention: RTW Uncut will not work with the Barbarian Invasion addon, or the Gold Version of Rome: Total War!

Step 2:
Make a backup of the following files:

Step 3:
Since version 0.8, RTW Uncut is provided with an easy-to-use setup assitant, which will guide you through the setup process.
Run the SETUP.EXE file and select the language-version according to your Rome installation.
Setup will try to find out your Rome directory. Get sure that Setup has chosen the right directory. Proceed with the process and follow the instructions on the screen. Setup will manage the rest.

Step 4:
Start the game and start a new imperial campaign with one of the new fations.

Step 5
If you like to play with the roman senat or the slave-faction (I don't advise you to do so), open the [ROME-Verz.]\DATA\WORLD\MAPS\CAMPAIGN\IMPERIAL_CAMPAIGN\DESCR_STRAT.TXT file with a text editor. Move romans_senate and slave from nonplayable to playable and save changes. Both will now be available in the game, but note that the game will get instable.


I can give no guarantee that the files work properly, so try it on your own risk!

If you want to share my files, please keep these rules in mind:

  • Share all files together! Do not change any copyright information
  • Share files only with the ReadMe-File provided within the distribution
  • If you offer my files for download, please set an author notice (Thomas Ney) and a link to my website (http://www.thomas-ney.com/)
  • any commercial redistribution is forbidden !


Uncut-Patch: Thomas Ney
   original maps: The Creative Assembly
   new faction maps: Thomas Ney
Leader Pictures:
   Images: The Creative Assembly
   Selection & Export: Thomas Ney
German historical information: Thomas Ney
English Translation: Steward
Spanish Translation: Josť Ignacio
Setup-Assistant: Thomas Ney
ReadMe & Homepage: Thomas Ney


I will try to improve the patch, if any bugs occur, but I need your help! If you recognize any errors, please write me an email, so I can fix them!

There are still translators missing (French?)

Version table

Version Changelog
v. 1.0 Spanish translation, patch problems solved. setup improved
v. 0.8 English translation, setup assitant added
v. 0.5b Numidian map fixed
v. 0.5 leader pictures added, history information improved, maps improved
v. 0.3b spelling/language mistakes corrected
v. 0.3 faction histrory added
v. 0.2 preview maps added
v. 0.1b year of beginning and end changed
v. 0.1 first release, factions unlocked


Question: I cannot start a new campaign after the installation of RTW uncut. The game always jumps back to the main menu.

Answer: Make sure you have the latest patches for Rome installed before starting the RTW uncut setup!. Get the latest patch for your language-version from the official site, install it and repeat the RTW uncut setup.

Question: Does RTW uncut work with the Barbarian Invasion addon or the GOLD-Version of Rome?

Answer: No. Because I do not own both versions, there's no release planned at present.

Question: Why I cannot play with the roman Senate - How can I unlock it?

Antwort: The best case is not to play as Senate. The game was not intended to play as senat. Thats why many errors will occur and the game likes to crash while playing as Senate. If you'll try it anyway, please have a look at step 5 of the installation guide


E-Mail: rome@thomas-ney.com

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